The ultimate Mixed Meat Box.
Full of Grass Fed Goodness and some house smoked bacon to top it off!

2kg Beef Sausages
1kgs Beef Mince
1kg Pork Mince
1kg Mixed Lamb Chops
4 Pork Shoulder Chops (1.3-1.5kg)
4 Tbones (1.3kg-1.5kg)
4 Rumps (950g-1.1kg)
Sizzle Steaks (900g-1kg)
1.5kg Pork Roast
1kg Pork Stir Fry Strips
1kg Diced Stewing Steak
500g Free Range Bacon


*Pork Roast is subject to availability, this could be exchanged for a beef roast or lamb roast.