Read on for quick answers to some of your questions. If your question is not answered here please contact us, we’re more than happy to help.

What areas do we deliver to?2020-01-03T10:34:39+11:00

We currently deliver throughout most of Australia.
2020 will also see us delivering to Western Australia!

Enter your post code here to check if we deliver to you!

What are the delivery fees for my package?2019-06-04T11:55:29+10:00


How are Our Cow packages packed?2020-01-03T10:36:11+11:00

Everything is cryovacd in portions of 2, labelled and packaged in thermal boxes to keep everything chilled if you are not home to take delivery. The small portions supports when packing your meat in the fridge or freezer. The boxes we use are also environmentally friendly, sustainable and recyclable.

How does ordering and Delivery work?2020-01-03T10:39:12+11:00

We are aiming for our customers to be able to order on a Monday and receive their order within 7 days. Delivery will be directly to your door. 

See our delivery page for delivery times.

Is Our Cow Beef Preservative Free?2019-02-18T21:08:42+11:00

Our Cow Beef is preservative free, hormone free, antibiotic free and our animals have a stress free life!

How do I pay for my Package?2020-01-03T10:41:04+11:00

Payments can be made via credit card or PayPal. (Or simply ring if you would rather do over the phone! 0413 782 146)

If you are on a subscription plan you will be automatically billed weekly or monthly depending on your preference.

What are the sausage ingredients?2020-06-18T10:30:55+10:00

Our sausage meal makes up less than 5% of the sausage.
Sausage ingredients are Rice Flour, Salt, Mineral Salt, Preservatives (223), Spice Extract, Herb Extract, Natural Flavour.

What will my order include?2020-01-03T10:43:50+11:00

Our packages include plenty of prime cuts and all the family favourites like sausages and mince as well.

There may be some slight variation in the amounts of different cuts in your package depending on availability.

Can I choose what I want in my package?2019-02-18T21:08:42+11:00

We like to promote all cuts of beef off the carcass, not just the “prime cuts”. We aim for sustainability and minimal wastage in our business, by splitting packs up into only prime cuts wouldn’t be sustainable for us. However we can make adjustments, just ask! We guarantee you wont be disappointed with any of the cuts of meat in our packages!

Have we missed anything?2019-02-21T10:13:53+11:00

Please feel free to get in touch and we can answer any of your questions.